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Get volunteer-ready with Certsy

80% of SEEK Volunteer opportunities require verified credentials. Get pre-verified with Certsy and share on your SEEK profile and volunteer applications.
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What are credentials?

A credential is a qualification, achievement or aspect of a person’s background that helps to indicate their suitability for a role or task. In a volunteer setting, you may be required to pass certain checks or possess certain credentials that demonstrate you can work safely or skilfully around others.
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What types of credentials would a volunteer role require?

Working with Children Check

Required for roles that involve working with children under the age of 18.

Driver’s Licence

Required for roles where you may need to drive a vehicle.

Police Check (Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check)

Required for roles that involve working with vulnerable people.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Required for roles that involve interacting with the elderly or ill people.
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Get ready with the right credentials

Having the right credentials when applying for a volunteer role signals your commitment and readiness, saving organisations time and resources. Check for required credentials on SEEK Volunteer listings and highlight them in your application. If you don’t possess the right credentials, apply for them now - some issuers may offer a reduced fee to volunteers.

How does it work? The process is simple


Sign up

Simply create a Certsy account, select the credential you wish to verify and follow the prompts.


Provide evidence of your credentials, which Certsy check with the relevant authority or use other suitable verification methods.


Once your verified result is available, share with employers, on your SEEK profile or anywhere else that accepts Certsy.

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